Southwest Florida Seller Tips: Clear the Clutter!

Dated: November 15 2019

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Thinking of Selling Your Home?

When you have your home listed for sale keeping it as welcoming and inviting as possible is one of the biggest goals- especially during photos and showings!

We get it, as parents of two toddlers as well as busy entrepreneurs-- we understand this is no easy feat!

But, putting in the extra effort to present your home in its best light will help you reap a better, faster return in the sale of your home. Often, buyers can't see past clutter and uncleanliness and are driven by how a home feels to them. It's often hard for buyers to envision the home with their own furnishings and personal items so they're relying on you to show them the home's potential.

Since you're planning to move anyway, this is a great time to start packing! If you're the type who has a knick knack from every occassion, celebration, and vacation over the last 5, 10, 0r 20 years on display all over your home these are the perfect types of items you may want to go ahead and lovingly store. If you're a collector of shot glasses, magnets, salt & pepper shakers, teapots, etc., and especially if you've ever had a close friend or family member comment on them taking over your home-- put most of them away. We know you love them, but they can be distracting to buyers and instead of them looking at the home they're curious or fascinated by your collection! We want buyers to walk away and remember the house they want to buy, not the house where the owner had 84,387,453 salt and pepper shakers.

Shelves, tables, and any other horizontal surface should have a minimal number of items on them-- and if they're functional tables (think living room side or coffee tables, as well as nightstands) where you might store your remote control(s), glasses, coaster(s), etc. you may want to remove any additional decoration at this time. Some agents and websites will recommend you remove any and all personal items (photos) from the home so that buyers can't see you living there and can see themselves instead, but in our professional opinion we think this often leaves homes feeling cold and unwelcome to buyers. If you have every inch of every wall covered it may be a good idea to remove some photos, but we find that a few well placed photos reflecting joy and a life well lived create a sense of a happy home, which is appealing to buyers so go ahead and leave the one gallery wall you have in the family room, or the few family photos sitting on the desk or piano. Remember there will be strangers in your home and you do want to protect yourself, so it is a good idea to carefully scrutinize the photos you choose to leave out and make sure they do not reflect information you would not tell a person you just met.

During professional photography something we stress is that sellers put away EVERYTHING from counters... this means on photography morning your toothbrush, hair products and perfume bottles, coffee maker, toaster, etc., etc. should be hidden from sight. Anything you have out for convenience that isn't beautifully decorative or takes up floor or counter space should be put away (the bench you have in the bathroom to put your shoes on, or step stool to climb in to bed) for this day too. During a listing appointment we'll often walk through and guide our clients on what to put away and what can stay out. Generally, 1 strategically placed appropriately sized decor item may stay in the kitchen or in the bathroom, but horizontal surfaces should all be minimally covered. Once the photographer is done, go ahead and place your daily items back where you need them, but remember the purpose of pictures is to draw as many people into the home as possible so we want the home to appear as large and beautiful as possible. When buyers are touring the home toothbrushes, coffee makers and the like are normal and generally expected to be seen if the home is occupied so no need to put all your daily items away again during showings.

Of course, remember if you have any questions about preparing your home to be listed please feel free to contact us! | 239.565.7867

AJ & Courtney Ackerman
Florida Realtors®, eXp Realty

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