Local Spotlight: Rosy Tomorrow's Heritage Farm

Dated: November 5 2019

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LOCAL SPOTLIGHT: Rosy Tomorrow's Heritage Farm

Rosy Tomorrow's Heritage Farm

Rosy Tomorrow's is a farm-to-table restaurant right ON the farm! When you pull onto the dirt driveway from the "main" road for the first time, you're not even sure if you're in the right place or if you're accidentally driving down someone's personal property. Then you see a bunch of cars up ahead and release your concerns from a small sign indicating you're in the right place. Once we parked, chickens and duck greeted us as they lounged in their small pond by the well, basking in the glorious low 80-somethin' degree weather we were all enjoying that morning. The gorgeous wide open greenery and cloudless blue skies were a sight to behold, and then the smell of the smoker hit us and our mouths started to water!

Then, we were greeted by Bill and the experience really started. First it's a "Welcome to Rosy's" that you'd expect walking in anywhere, but then he took the time to genuinely welcome and tell each guest about the farm and the experience we were about to have inside the restaurant (If you saw our IG story -archived under Local-, you met Bill with us). We caught some of the farm sights he pointed out and then went inside the restaurent where we learned they really don't usually take walkins (it's a pretty small place and no, we didn't have a reservation) so that's the first thing to know before you go! But, we were in luck, they weren't full at the moment so we were able to be sat. Even with the message, the hosts were very gracious. And our server was just THE sweetest thing, ever! The restaurant is more of a screened in patio overlooking the farm, and the long gathering tables (yup, I would anticipate making new friends when the restaurant is busier than it was on this day) were all set with cute Fall centerpieces. If you're into the rustic, farmhouse design that's "in" right now, be prepared to never want to leave! Side note: This would make a great wedding venue --which they do offer!

So, to get on to the good stuff: the food...

We learned the menu changes every single day, and even the servers don't know what is on the menu until about 30 min before they open. The chef and Rosy walk the farm each day taking their inspiration from the garden and preparing everything fresh. ...And let me tell you, it. was. FRESH! Sooo yummy!! If you're a carnivore be aware, there isn't a lot of protein on the menu, as again everything is fresh from the farm's own gardens. We usually include a meat of sorts with every meal but we both walked out totally satisfied and full so it's not a real concern, just a note.

On our lunch visit, we started by sharing a charcuterie board (in our opinion it was the only thing that was a teeny bit disappointing, just for the high price we expected to enjoy it more). Then for entrees we shared a power greens bowl with fresh lettuce and herbs all rolled up inside of cucumbers sitting on a bed of quinoa with tomatoes and feta cheese, served with a lemony vinaigrette (that was AH-mazing!) and an order of fresh vegetable springrolls which were served with a sweet chili sauce (that I could have drank straight). These springrolls weren't your typical asian restaurant minced up mush that you really have no clue what you're eating. Inside the roll you realize you can tell the veggies were stacked inside and rolled up with care. So fresh and yummy!

We can't wait to return... maybe for a Friday night dinner next time!

Find Rosy Tomorrow's at:

8250 Nalle Grade Road
North Fort Myers, FL 33917
(239) 567-6000

Thursday: 10am - 3pm
Friday: 10am - 9pm
Saturday: 11am - 3pm
Sunday: 11am - 3pm with live music from 10am - 2pm


From Rosy Tomorrow's website:

"Our farm oasis is surrounded by a seemingly endless amount of beauty. By providing us with ingredients at the peak of ripeness, our vegetable and herb gardens plus organic produce and honey from surrounding farms, we are able to showcase the essence of the season through our food... Our Farm Brunches are a true labor of love and we look forward to creating an unforgettable dining experience for you and your guests."

"Our cows have been born on our farm, drank mother's milk and eaten pasture grasses only. No grain, hormones, steroids, or antibiotics are ever given to our animals. Our grass is as nature intended and has not been treated with chemical fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides. Our farming practices reflect our respect for the land.
Our commitment to sustainable agriculture and wildlife stewardship ensures respect for the delicate balance of the land. We practice a holistic approach to our farm management which helps sustain and nourish the environment through pasture rotation and ongoing efforts in improving soil fertility.

We are committed to providing you, and your family with the healthiest, most delicious, and highest quality vegetables, beef, pork, and pastured eggs you can buy."

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Local Spotlight: Rosy Tomorrow's Heritage Farm

LOCAL SPOTLIGHT: Rosy Tomorrow's Heritage FarmLOCAL SPOTLIGHT:- Rosy Tomorrow's Heritage FarmRosy Tomorrow's is a farm-to-table restaurant right ON the farm! When you pull onto the dirt

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